George Dutcher and dog

This is my GGgrandfather, George Wesley Dutcher, 1855-1926 his son’s step daughter Iva Howell was a camera buff. I have always wondered about this picture. George looks like a fun guy to hang out with. My grandmother talks about fishing with him when she was 5 years old. That chair or loveseat or what ever it is looks like it has been in that spot for awhile. Was it in the process of being thrown out? Maybe it was the dogs bed and George just decided to join him? Did Iva have it there because that is where the best sunlight was? I have alot of Iva’s pictures and I always picture her with one of those old box cameras. Remember the days before flash cameras? no, neither do I, but I remember when my parents would run out of flash bulbs or flashcubes.

Here is a link to George’s page on our family tree:
George Wesley Dutcher