The few snapshots I have of our family’s short time on Midway Island, bring back some of my fondest memories of growing up. Although it was only 10 months in 1961, it really does seem like a lifetime.

This is my dad, George (Gus) Gustafson with a grocery sack full of firecrackers. We had already gone to the parade–my brother and I were on a float, mom made us sailor outfits from old “whites” of my dad’s uniforms.July 4th 1961 Midway Island

This photo was taken before someone threw a cigarrette in the bag–that my dad had placed in his lap between his legs–and started a chain reaction of explosions that left my dad with some really awful burn spots!

I sure would like to see any photos of the 4th of July parade on Midway in the 1960’s…anyone?