Getting ready to go to Sunday School. I loved it. Brother George–not so much.
Mom told a story that one Sunday he came home early. He said the teacher said he could go home. When mom asked the following week, the teacher told her that George said he needed to go home. She asked why, he said, “my mom needs to clip my toenails”. I don’t think he ever went back.

Sunday School

I’m still trying to determine where we lived on Midway Island. This was taken in the morning outside our front door. We are facing East, so the housing behind us is West. Hoping someone sees something familiar and can give me a clue.


Here is brother George feeding pigeons. I don’t know if the pigeons were as pleniful as the Gooney Birds, but there were a lot of them!
This was taken right outside our back patio, looking across the street to another housing unit. The way I remember it, to the right was the main street and turning left you’d head towards the school.

George feeding pigeons

I sure wish I knew the housing unit number. I noticed something else, it seems to me that in this housing and the housing at Barbers Point, the back door faced the street and the front door opened onto a green-belt and the other housing unit’s front doors. Wonder if that is the way all Naval/Military housing is?




Neighborhood Kids

I wish I could say I knew who these neighbor kids were…
I do know that we are playing on our back patio. It looks like the little girl in the high-chair may be younger than me. I’m the one on the left in the front with a white tee-shirt on and the girl standing behind me in the long dress, may be my age 6 or so.
The boy in the white shirt is my brother George, he turned 5 in February of ’61 and was not in school while we lived on Midway.
I hope someone recognizes these kids…or maybe even themselves!