Have you ever heard a song that you just couldn’t get out of your head? Mark Schultz wrote and sings “Letters from War”–an incredible song honoring American Soldiers serving their country around the world. He was inspired by his Great-Grandmother’s experience, all three of her sons went to fight in WWII.

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I just recently re-discovered this post card. The photo side of this post card was amongst a handful of photos of my dad when he first joined the Navy in October 1942.

Photo Post Card 1942 Great Lakes Ill
On the written side is a note that my father wrote to his mother. It was written from the U. S. Naval Training Center Great Lakes, Ill. By the sounds of it and the postmark, it was written on Thanksgiving Day 1942. He would have been in the middle of his training.

The post card is a photograph of himself in uniform. I wonder if all of the new recruits had the option to have their first photo of themsleves in uniform made into post cards. Did they have to pay for the photos, I wonder? How funny, I can’t remember if we had to pay for ours in 1974, I wonder if today’s military has to pay.

1942 Post Card Photo U S Navy Great Lakes Training Center