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July 1, 2007

LawrenceI read a memory Wil Weaton shared about life in the San Fernando Valley when he was a kid (I sure wish I could write as good):

” MumMum was my great grandmother, and we called my great grandfather Papa. Their actual names were Daphne and Flavel, which were the funniest names I’d ever heard in my 5 years of life. I’d succumb to a fit of giggles whenever MumMum would call out to Papa, “Flavel! Come quick! Lawrence is on!” (She was referring to Lawrence Welk, who they watched so frequently on television, and called by name with such familiarity, I thought he was a close personal friend. I’m sure that, to them, he was.) “ Link to the story

I wonder if Daphne and Flavel did know “Lawrence”.Boys-in-the-band

It was odd to me when I was little, that my Mom and Grandma Daisy seemed to be on a first name basis with not only Lawrence, but Myron, Barney and the whole band. When I got older, I realized that they spent a lot of Saturday nights at the filming. In the early days “The Lawrence Welk Show” was shot live at the bands performances, the audience was the fans who had come to dance.


Betty Gifford – Grandma Daisy – Uncle Frank – Larry & Christine

My mom was telling recently, that in the fifties, her and her Mother would be sitting down to watch the show, and then they would decide to “run down” to the Aragon (and later the Palladium). They would leave Larry and Chris with our Uncle Frank who was about 12 or 13 at the time. They must have had some good times, as much as I have heard them reminisce about them. I guess the dancing and partying would go on into the night. Mom would dance with Lawrence and the other band members quite often.




I was sure I had a photo of Grandma with the big man but this picture is pretty cool, this was taken at a Lawrence Welk Family Picnic in 1955, that is Uncle Frank at 14 years old standing with Alice Lon the original”Champagne Lady”, she was fired in 1959, I don’t believe that my Grandmother ever quite accepted her replacement, Norma Zimmer, even though she held the post for 22 years. My brother Larry is 6 years old and sister Chris is 4.

On a completely different topic, I guess I’m pretty old if a story can bring back adult memories, this Story by Wil Weaton definitely brings back going shopping with Keri, Brian and George.