These photos were taken at the John Ashby home on Mt. Pleasant Ave., Livingston, New Jersey.

It says on the back of the “Sons-in-Law” picture that it was taken Christmas Day, 1919 or 1920. Both pictures were taken on the same day.

My puzzlement…Where is all the snow?! I’ve tried to find the historical weather for that time frame but haven’t been able to find it online, yet.


Clockwise from left bottom:

Lou Vinson
Jack Ashby – son
Ray Conkling
Tom Collins
John Ashby
Frank Porter
Emily Buhle Ashby is in the middle


In the background of the “Sons-in-Law picture is Aunt Hazel in a chair and daughter Alice Adele standing in front of another woman that I don’t know who it is.

Back Sons-in-Law








Here they are with their Wives

Clockwise from top step:

Ashby Daughters with Husbands

Lyle Adele “Auntie Del” m. Tom Collins

Lillian Mable “Auntie May” m. Frank Porter

Alice Hazel “Auntie Hazel” m. Ray Conkling

Emily Mildred “Aunt Mil” or Bumpsie m. Lou Vinson




These pictures were taken the same day…

The back of one of these photos says about 1917 or so~ The dates on the back of these two pictures were added sometimes years later by other people. My best guess, judging by how old Alice Adele looks in the Son-in-Law photo, is that all the pictures were taken about 1919-1920, which is written on the back of the Sons-in-Law photo, to me she looks at least 2 and maybe 4 or 5, she was born in 1916.