Me and Leilani were looking at this picture this morning and noticed the ladies in the background next door.  The way they are standing around their station wagon visiting, they look like they are in a car ad! Or in a movie about 1968!

Our second Cool Car post

I, at 9 years old, remember feeling like Hank1 really thought that this car was the ultimate cool. The car created quite a stir in the family when he and Viv showed up in it. Hank was the world traveler of the family and he shows up with this crazy foreign car.

Freeways were brand new when he was forcing the car to do 70 MPH in the fast lane scaring his passenger’s to death. Fortunately for Aunt Viv and my Mom, the VW came with the “chicken bar” as he called it! But I don’t know what else you would call those odd handles that were on the passenger side of the dash. I remember that after the time Hank volunteered to take my Mom to work, she said she would never ride in the car again!

Uncle Hank was a newlywed when this picture was taken, him and Aunt Viv married in December of 1967. I am pretty sure he is in the driveway of their small rental house on Brighton, in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Hank had been in the Navy for almost 20 years and was stationed at the base there teaching ship interior communications (telephones).

Leilani posted this photo years ago on the internet and managed to stir up some friends and relatives to share their memories.

Anyone want to add their reminiscence’s?

Where were “you” in July 1968?

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Cortez Henry “Hank” Cummings Jr.

treee Hank’s Family Tree


Lawrence Paul Bergeron

treee Larry’s Family Tree

Added 2023 – a photo of Larry in boot camp at Amarillo, just before the school at Chanute AFB in Rantoul.