For almost 70 years my Mother held onto a post card that her Grandma sent her, hoping someday to go to New York herself to see Rockefeller Center too.

Rockefeller Post card front



Patty was 5 years old and not able to read yet when she received the card but of course, she treasured a piece of mail address to her, just as children still do.



Rockefeller Post card back


 My dear little grand daughter. Hello and Gdma is so glad you like your school.
Study hard so you can write to your Grandma someday.
Aunt Flo said Hello.
Miss Patty Cummings
2657 Sloan St
Flint Mich.
POST MARK: Grand Central Annex N.Y. Feb 9th 1935 2:30PM



The Prometheus Fountain in the Sunken Plaza in ROCKEFELLER CENTER.  Designed by Paul Manship, distinguished American sculptor, the bronze fountain group depicts Prometheus, legendary contributor of fire, bearing the gift down to mankind.  Prometheus, the central figure is two and one-half times life size.  Smaller figures in the rear are symbolized to represent the people of the earth.  The two basins of the Fountain are polished Deer Island granite and the back wall is of red Balmoral granite.


Rockefeller center 2003


In 2003 she was excited to pose for this photo, happy as I was to take the picture, I hadn’t seen the post card. Mom showed it to me when she got her film developed.

I had never considered that the statue of Prometheus was brand new when Grandma Bertha visited in 1935, after a little research I found that the center opened in 1933 and the statue was unveiled in 1934.

Aunt Flo was living across the river from New York City, in New Jersey when Grandma Bertha visited, I would assume for the birth of “Flossie’s” son Donny Rodgers.