Approx 1915 Clio or Davidson, Genesee County, Michigan area? Who are the kids?

Daisy Dutcher Ella Horses

The Lady holding the horse on the left is Ella Pringle Dutcher, the second child on the horse from the left with the big bow in her hair is My Grandmother, Daisy Dutcher, born 1908(approx. 7 yrs old). I think that the girl next to her with the horse that is shaking his head is her sister Vivian, born 1905. The other kids are unknown.

Daisy Dutcher Viv Horses

Again, aside from Daisy and Vivian Dutcher I don’t know who these kids are. The one boy on the left is interesting, he looks like he is in a fancy riding outfit. The Dutchers are very poor farmers, I can’t believe that they have rented these horses for a a kids birthday party, but that is sure what it looks like. Also this is circa 1915, all these kids have grown up with horses, it doesn’t seem like a pony ride would be that big of a deal to them? My grandmother always talked about how much she loved horses, but, that was about 60 years after this picture was taken and probably 50 years after she last had a horse.