Vivian is the baby.


Vivian Grace Dutcher was born on the 16th of May 1905 in Donnybrook, North Dakota

to Claud and Ella Pringle Dutcher


In 1910 Vivian’s family moved to Genesse County Michigan, where she lived for the rest of her life.




We really don’t know much about Vivian, her little sister, my Grandmother Daisy always loved her dearly and missed her immensely. We always thought this picture that Grandma Daisy kept leaning on her dresser to be the earliest of the two girls. It is about 4 inches by 6, in a simple wooden frame, the neat part is, it is printed on glass, it is on the inside of a convex piece of glass, we were so happy it came out so good scanned on a flatbed scanner. While I was scanning it I noticed for the first time the odd pieces of paper or fabric that the photographer used inside the oval as matting.

Vivian grew up the middle sister, her little sister Daisy was born in May of 1908, almost exactly 2 years younger. Iva was the girl’s older sister, really a half sister, but of course the little girls probably wouldn’t have known that. Fortunately Iva loved to take photographs, and her little sisters made willing subjects. Since our family has always been financially challenged it is unbelievable we have so many pictures!

OKay some are a little blurry! Hey its 1910!

But you gotta love this one on the steps!

I don’t know  who the girl in the middle is. I wonder if it is Easter, one of our family tradition’s is to dress up and take pictures before church. Here is another from the same day with Iva in the picture.

Check out the height of the corn – sure love Daisy’s expression

I always wonder if Iva sets the camera up to take some of these.



Winter in Michigan

Grandma Daisy always tried to explain what winter was like in Michigan to us California kids

I wish she had of had this photo handy to show us.

She also had to explain those hand-muffs to us when we saw them in books. From the happiness on the faces of the girls, I’m guessing they just got these winter outfits. We don’t know the girl on the right.

(note the outhouse by Vivian’s left elbow, bet it’s cold in there!)

Vivian with George Howell her future brother in law – Iva’s fiance

One of my favorite photos with Vivian and Daisy with the whole neighborhood? – I wrote a post on this years ago – Here is a LINK


The good old days when all pictures had to be taken outside facing into the sun!

The girls playing in the yard in Clio?

It looks like these last 4 above are taken at the same party? I always wondered if the tall young man with the tie was Vivian’s future husband Charlie?

This picture of Vivian and Daisy reminds me of the stories my grandmother told about what fun her and her sister had as teenage girls in Clio, and the trouble they would get into.

Working on a follow up post of photos of Vivian and Charlie and the Kids