Today marked the 68th anniversary of V-J Day. Victory over of Japan. My dad was on the USS Savo Island at the end of the war. From what I can gather it was a Cassablanca-Class escort carrier, spending most of it’s time in the Aleutian Islands.

Although he was in the Navy for 23 years, he spent only 18 months actually on board ship, a point of pride for him.

He told me only one story of his time at sea during WWII–and he told it only once. It was his job to get the planes ready to go up for patrol and/or battle. One of his buddies went up in the gunner turret, a job they both had wanted and waited anxiously to be assigned. However when the plane came back, it became my dad’s job to help get his buddy out of the turret. He told me he had to use a mop to do most of the cleaning up–he had been so shot up, there really weren’t any pieces left to him.

That has always stuck with me, how horrible war is, and how brave the men and women are that choose to stand the line, be prepared, do the job…

Play “Remember Pearl Harbor”