My Great Aunt Iva was born in 1895, Iva Fern Brown, to William Brown and Ella Pringle, either in Michigan or Ontario. She married George Henry Howell in Genesee Co., Michigan in 1917. I may have met her but I don’t remember it, I just remember my Grandmother’s many fond stories. I have ended up with a box of memorabilia and pictures.

My wife and I think of her and Uncle George as “Happy Bohemians”, maybe we are not using the term correctly, but it works for us. They seemed to work at a lot of different jobs, in many different places. Iva saved postcards that her and her husband and their children had mailed to each other from all over the country on their never-ending quest for “work”.iva_operator

     Iva was an amateur photographer and we believe she loved road trips and sightseeing, and since these are also our passions, we love diggin through her memories and turn of the century photos.

My guess is this cool picture was taken in the early 20’s. Anyone have any ideas?


This post was written for the 15th Edition of Smile For The Camera – They Worked Hard for the Family.