The theme of Postcardy’s August Scavenger Hunt is “My Funniest Postcards”, this one was the funniest one I found in our collection, Postcardy’s are much funnier.

Sweetie Postcard
(Tichnor linen)

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I guess to a youngun’ like me, it seems “funny” that my elders could be risque.This postcard was written to my Great Aunt Iva Pringle Howell in 1950? (the postmark is hard to read)

Sweetie Postcard back


In 1950 she would have been 55 years old and had been married to her childhood “Sweetie Pie” for 32 years. I wonder who sent this, I think a girl friend.


Sweetie Postcard

This post was written for the 6th Edition of Postcard Scavenger Hunt– My Funniest Postcards
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