We have a new addition to our family of military.


Naval Induction Center San Diego Ca

Travis Swearing-In

Travis Hill, he is currently in basic training at the Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, IL. Here he is swearing-in at the Naval Induction Center, in San Diego Ca. Travis is of course the handsome guy in the middle.


USN Training Station Great Lakes IL

  The Great Lake Naval Training Station

We are so proud and happy for him. He will be continuing his training as an Information Systems Technician (IT) at Corry Station in Pensacola, FL. His rating appears to be a modern version of what his Great-Uncle Hank was when he was in the Navy–the guy in charge of the communication systems aboard ship! What a great career, easily transferable to civilian life, but maybe he’ll make a career of the Navy, like his Uncle Hank.

Corry Station Naval Technical Training Center – Pensacola


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