The fourth Monday of May is a day set apart for remembering those that have decided to set apart, their wants, their needs…

Memorial Day circa 1900

sometimes their very lives, for others. As each one of them makes the decision to join the armed forces, they are not only committing themselves to the sacrifice, but that decision affects all those that love them; parents, spouses, children, grand-parents, relatives, friends.

The Glorious Dead

Memorial Day was started after the Civil War and was called Decoration Day. In the movie Gone with the Wind, there is a great line. Two women are talking about Rhett Butler donating a “stupendous amount to the Association for the Beautifcation of the graves of the Glorious Dead”. In this photo my GrGr-Grandfather John Morrow is celebrating Memorial Day, himself a Civil War veteran, with him are his wife Isabella Christie Morrow and his daughter Clara Louise “Aunt Tot” Morrow. I don’t know for sure if this photo was taken on a Memorial Day or a Fouth of July. I love the way the photographer posed them with their flags just so!

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

To me it isn’t just the soldier and veteran I am remembering this Monday, but the scores of mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, children, all of us who have prayed for our loved one’s protection…for their recovery…and for strength, to endure the loss of that loved one.

A Family Tradition

During my recent visit with my Aunt Joan we went through my Gr-Grandmother Harriet “Hattie” Badgley Morrow’s scrapbook. In it was the Blue Star Service Flag that she displayed during WWII. Her flag had three stars, two of the stars represented two of her sons, William Vernon Morrow and my Grandfather Roger Levere Morrow, John Morrow was their grandfather. The third star was for her son-in-law, Stanley Pindar.

So this Memorial Day

I will not only remember the Veterans I know and love, but also those that have gone on to their reward. I will be remembering and praying for those that are currently serving and for their families that are living daily, with the sacrifice of precious time apart from those they love and miss dearly, all the while, waiting and praying for their safe return.

Blue Star Flag