The following pictures belonged to my Grandmother Daisy Dutcher, she inherited them from her mother Ella.

 Please contact me with info on Pringles, pictures or photographers.

 My Pringle Family comes from Richmond Township, Napanee, Lennox County, Ontario, Canada.

 Later Migrating to Grand Rapids Michigan.

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Unknown ?? Tintype?


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Unknown ?? Tintype?



Paper on the back of tintype above: J. S Hulett Photographer Napanee, Ontario.

(J. S Hulett – Photographer in Napanee from 1871 – 1899)1

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Unknown person sitting.

A man from Ottawa dated this picture for me using city directories, at 1869-1873 from the Photographer stamp, J.D. Wallis, on the back. He also said that if it is a CDV format it is probably from the earlier end of the time frame, if it is a cabinet card, probably from the latter end.


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Unknown,  Photographer stamp on back is W. E. Sparrow or S. L. Griffith, Phoenix N.Y.

(According to the book: Historical souvenir of Phoenix, N.Y., and vicinity by Welch, E. L. Published 1902 W.E. Sparrow was a photographer in Phoenix from 1861 to 1901 when he was paralyzed)

Addressed to: Alfred, back of the Acadamie, Napanee


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The back says “Miss Mable Pringle” the only Mable I have found is a cousin. Photographer stamp on back is Enterprise Photo Co., Watertown N.Y.


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Pringle Sisters?

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More Pringle Sisters?

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Kids in Grand Rapids, I would think that they were Normans kids  (Ray B. 1882, Alfred B. 1886, Homer B. 1892, Manly B. 1898)

but I don’t know of any girls, maybe its Martha’s or Sarah Pringle’s daughter? (Lillian Eyer brn. May 1888), cousins?

Link to Norman’s Decendants

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Ella with her first daughter Iva Fern Brown about 1910? The back of the postcard picture say that it was taken at Du Val’s 10 minute Photo in Grand Rapids


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 Even though some of these pictures do not have a photograph location on them I believe them to be Pringles mainly because of the way my Grandmother had them stored for the past 100 years, maybe a little family resemblance too.


Father: Alfred PRINGLE (b Sep 1823 d. aft 1900) Son of John PRINGLE (1786- ) & Martha RIGGS (1790- )

Marriage: 26 Dec 1848 , Victoria District, Ontario
to Sarah Ann FRETZ (b. 16 Jul 1829 d. October 7, 1898) Daughter of: Casperus FRETZ (1791-1836) & Magdalena HUFFMAN ( – )


M John F. PRINGLE Birth: 1850
F Martha Elvira PRINGLE Birth: Jul 1851 Ontario, Canada Death: Michigan?
M Norman Newton PRINGLE Birth: 13 Mar 1854 25 Miles from Kingston, Ontario Immigration: 1870
F Alma Isabelle PRINGLE Birth: 1856
M Charles Lewis PRINGLE Birth: 1858
F Sarah Eliza PRINGLE Birth: Jul 1860 Canada West Death: 28 Feb 1914 Biwabik, St. Louis Co., Minn.
M Alfred Wilbert PRINGLE Birth: 19 Feb 1862 Occupation: 1901 Wholesale Butcher; York, Ontario, Canada
F Magdalena Alberta PRINGLE Birth: 1864
M Myron Hubbard PRINGLE Birth: 18 Aug 1866 Occupation: 1901 W. Butcher; York, Ontario, Canada
F Almon Dorland (Derlin) PRINGLE Birth: 1868
F Cornelia May PRINGLE Birth: 1872
F Ella Lorraine (Gertrude) PRINGLE Birth: Mar 1873 Canada Death: 8 Jan 1920 Clio, Genesse Co. Michigan Burial: 10 Jan 1920 Grace Lawn Cemetary, Flint, Genesee Co., Mi
M George Bidwell PRINGLE Birth: 1874 Napanee, Ontario, Canada

Family Migrations:

The first of the family to immigrate to Michigan, is Norman as far as I know.
He moved to the Grand Rapids area, Sand Creek, Cedar Springs in 1870 I believe.
Martha Elvira married John Richens in Grand Rapids in 1878.
Charles is living with Martha and her husband in Grand Rapids in 1880
Sarah Eliza Married Daniel Eyer in 1883 in Grand Rapids, they moved on to Biwabik, Minn.
Myron Hubbard Married Hatie Clark in 1889 in Grand Rapids. In 1901 they are listed back in Ontario.
Almon Dorland, I believe to be “Derlin” whose autograph book I have from a visit to Cedar Springs, Michigan in 1888.

The 1891 census of Napanee, Ontario has Alfred with Sarah and 3 children, Wilbert, Dorland and Ella.
Both Alfred and Ella list their immigration as 1891 in the 1900 census in Grand Rapids.
Sarah Ann Fretts Pringle died at Sand Creek Oct 7 1898 according to the Napanee Beaver.
Ella’s first daughter Iva Fern Brown was born 20 Sep 1894 and according to the 1900 census her and her father were born in Michigan.
Ella is listed as a widow in 1900.
In 1900 Ella married Claud Madison Dutcher in Grand Rapids, he would have just mustered out of the Spanish American War and may have been in the hospital there. He was from the Eaton County, Lansing area of Michigan.

Family Ancestry:

Click here to view family tree database: Alfred’s Family

Alfred Pringle, the father of this brood is descended from
the Loyalist Prindles of the Adolphustown, Ontario area

  • 1. Joel Prindle & Deborah Bigelow UEL
  • 2. Joseph Prindle & Mary Springsteen UEL
  • 3. John Pringle & Martha Riggs
  • 4. Alfred Pringle & Sarah Ann Fretz


Please contact me with info on Pringles, pictures or photographers.